Introduction: Jazz

The origins of jazz music lie in swing – groovy, danceable music that flourished in both America and Europe and was significantly influenced by the guitar.

Django Reinhardt , who founded jazz manouche with the “Hot Club de France” (a quintet of stringed instruments), is certainly the most famous representative. But Freddie Green and Charlie Christian , who played guitar in the big bands of the era, are also icons of the style. A few decades followed in which jazz produced superstars such as Miles Davis and Pat Metheny Nowadays jazz music is more of an art music cultivated by lovers. 

The Afro-American origin of jazz music illustrates its relationship to Latin American and Afro-Cuban music styles. The rhythmic concepts of swing and off-beat phrasing are closely linked to the use of the clave or melody in samba and bossa nova.      

Jazz chords and an introduction to chord-related improvisation and its application form the introduction. There are many beautiful arrangements of famous jazz songs that are great for nylon string guitar. Listen to some of the most popular examples in this playlist:

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